Help! Nothing will grow in my garden/I hate wisteria. via /r/gardening

Help! Nothing will grow in my garden/I hate wisteria.

At my new home, I have a raised garden bed that goes all along one fence in the backyard. On my neighbor's side of this fence is their well established Chinese Wisteria. Clipping back the vines that come over and through the fence is no problem, even several time a year, at least compared to the real problem: the roots come under the fence and choke out everything! Nothing will grow in this garden bed anymore. My mother lived here before me and years ago, she had a beautiful flower garden here before the wisteria matured and killed everything. Its roots are invading the lawn now too. What do I do? What can withstand wisteria? What can I plant here? I don't want to poison it and have the neighbor freak out and possibly sue. Is there another plant that will kill it off?

I also have a young Japanese Maple she planted only a few years ago in this bed and I'm afraid it will be killed too. Do I move it? Is there another way to save it?

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