My approach to the “Book of the Law” riddle via /r/crafts

My approach to the “Book of the Law” riddle

I 're-cracked' the "Book of the Law" riddle:

(This is the original riddle / code / cipher: 4638ABK24ALGMOR3YX2489RPSTOVAL)

Then I proceeded with that, and tried applying the resulting numbers to geometric calculations:

Consequently, I discovered this:

The image shows 2 geometric ring calculations and (basically) 3 Gregorian calendar dates.

How is that possible (the consistency of the encircled numbers with the additional data)?

Date formatting is: ddmmyyyy (for ddmm use 3 and at least 3 digits whenever possible)

"December 11th 2016" would be "1112 2016"

ddmm+yyyy (1112 + 2016 = 3128), numerical names and the zip code / area code combination "verify" that those numbers which look as if they display dates, really are a display of dates.

"In the course of events", I tried "reproducing" these effects:

Please let me know what you think about this.

Submitted October 11, 2015 at 08:00PM by tulomano
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