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[Help] Ball bearings for an angled wheel?

Hi all –

I am in the process of building a prize wheel that uses white board paint so that I can reuse the wheel for various events. The wheel itself will be mounted to a backing board using a 1/2" bolt and nut. I am looking to build this backing board with a hinged stand, similar to a sidewalk sign. My question is about the connection between the wheel itself and the mounting board, related to the slanted stance.

  • Because gravity will be working against the joint with a slanted backing board, I want to ensure I can protect it. To do so, I figure I will need some kind of ball bearing device between the mounting board and the wheel itself to keep the joint from wearing into the wood of the wheel. What would something like this be called? I'm envisioning a plastic cap with a 1/2" opening surrounded by a ring of ball-bearings, something like this terrible MSPaint image: http://ift.tt/1N5KkD6 . Does such a thing exist? If so, what is it called? I'm searching online but most of the results for ball-bearings exist for skateboards and the descriptions aren't giving me enough information to determine if it's what I need for this job.

Thanks for any help.

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