[Advice] My soil has been soiled by cats. via /r/gardening

[Advice] My soil has been soiled by cats.

Last year I had a bad problem with cats crapping in a part of the yard that eventually became part of the garden. Even after moving in new soil, fertilizer and mulch to the area it still had the stench. I decided against planting anything in that area and just used it to house my potted plants that I set on a metal grate above the mulch. Everything seemed fine with the set up. Now that I'm preparing to put the garden to bed I need to know what I might be able to do to utilize the area next spring. The stench is very faint but I would be concerned with anything grown there. Advice needed please! Next year will be my third year gardening and I have some big plans for it. Thanks in advance!


Cats crapped in the garden. Can I use it next season?

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