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Running Ethernet Through Concrete Floor?

Hi all,

So I've just bought a flat and it's a new build so it comes with a warranty on most things. However since the beginning of asking for an Ehternet cable run from the storage cupboard through to the living room I've been told this won't be possible. I asked about doing it myself and was told it would void the warranty if I were to cut into the walls and ceiling etc., as would be necessary to run it alongside the other cables between living room and storage cupboard.

The good news (I hope) is that there is currently no flooring and I just have bare concrete everywhere. Since it would be such a hassle to go via the ceiling, I was wondering what about cutting a channel in the floor, perhaps together with some conduit (so I can pull different cable easily in the future) and running CAT6 through that?

What I'd like to know is if anyone has experience on the likely thickness of the concrete, thus would I hit insulation or something else if I were to cut as deep a channel as CAT6 in conduit/trunking would need? Would that be a huge deal (in terms of warranty it might if it's supposed to be fire proofed).

I have some pictures of the floor around my small flat if anyone thinks they will help, I can't find them right now. But basically it's a newly built flat in the UK on the ground floor.

I really would like not to depend on wireless for streaming media from the server in the cupboard to the living room, plus to the bedroom via the hallway, hence why I am prepared to go to this length to run a cable.

Thanks a lot!

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