Platform Bed-frame with posts. via /r/DIY

Platform Bed-frame with posts.

This is my first big woodworking project and I will like to get some help with developing the idea or to any suggestion with anything ( design, type of wood, how to do it, finish color, using nails or glue ) . I have limited tools ( I will list them in a minute ) and my woodworking experience is limited to some books and a few small projects.

About the project – I have been thinking about building the platform bed for a while and I will like to use glue as much as possible. I have a queen size mattress. ( 60'X80' ) I have created the rendering of my main idea but I'm open to suggestions. also I have not been able to figure out how I will make the bottom of the platform bed so it looks like its floating. also I was thinking about a few reading lamps on top of the posts or some how in the headboard.

Tool List: *Circular Saw *Pull Hand Saw. *Pipe Clamps ( I just got them ) *small Clamps *Reciprocating Saw *Dremel *Wood Handle Aggressive Tooth Saw ( 2 ) *Drill *Hammer *screw drivers ( + & – ) *48" level *48" T Ruler

Imgur album

tinkercad 3D Rendering

thank you for reading and please let me know if I posted this on the wrong sub-Reddit or if I need to make or change something.

Edit: I worked the night shift. I will see the post after 5:00 pm (eastern time )

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