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Need help to remove old vinyl adhesive and metal carpet thing

Hi all! I will start this by saying I am clearly in over my head here. I personally have never done any kind of home remodeling or updates myself. I decided to pull up the old vinyl tiles in my kitchen and found there was more vinyl underneath…. and then apparently a lot of super dry adhesive on the concrete. (House is 24+ years old so that's how old this adhesive is)

I spent about 20+ hours using a 5-in-1 tool to scrape off the adhesive. Managed to clear a small section. I started looking online for ideas and found using a scraper with a chisel and various chemicals. Every review for the chemicals was either "works perfect!" or "waste of money! Don't buy!"

I went to Home Depot to talk to someone directly. Employee number one directed me to a chemical product (I apologize for not remembering the name) and said it would work perfectly but that it is highly toxic. He said my son shouldn't be in the house when it's being used, I should wear a mask and gloves, and there should be a lot of ventilation. My kitchen has a single window and no fans so not much ventilation. Not having my son is also not an option. So I'm thinking the chemicals wouldn't be a good option….

A second employee suggested I use this product that's basically aN 8 inch razor blade on a pole. (Forgive me again for not knowing the name). This works better than the 5-in-1 but I still feel like I'm not making much progress.

Would it be possible to just go ahead and put the new flooring down without scraping everything off? The new flooring is stick down vinyl planks. Or does anyone know a non toxic, cheap, easy (or at least easier) way to remove the adhesive?

Also…. my kitchen and dining area are one room but where the dining area is, there is carpet. I plan on pulling that up as well and extend the flooring throughout the whole room. There is a metal divider that separates the carpet and linoleum. I pulled the carpet back and this thing is nailed into the concrete. I've tried prying it up with the 5-in-1 with no success. The way it is, the nails are too flat for me to use the claw part of a hammer. I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to remove this.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated! _^

Edit: oh! I also tried pouring some Duck brand adhesive renover. Didn't do anything for removing the adhesive but made my kitchen smell like oranges so, that was kind of a win.

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