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Meyer lemon guidance (xpost r/indoorgarden)

We bought ourselves a Meyer Lemon tree for our apartment about one month ago. We have had it in a South facing window, rotating it everyday, with a Home Depot plant light above for the times when sunlight seems inadequate. We live inTulsa, OK. We had started by watering once a week or when the dirt was dry about 3 inches, but it seemed to wilt. So we have started every other day, even then the soil is dryer than I think it should be near the top but I don't feel it has improved much. Now, none of the tree seems to be dying quickly or even doing that terrible at all, but I want to fix these few things and make my tree the best it can be & also learn more correct ways to do what we're doing. Sometimes we open the window for a breeze, sometimes we have a small fan toward it.

It has three pretty nice size green lemons, I'm pretty sure they are slightly less green (more yellow) at this point. Two little guys started up, fully yellow, but have now turned black. And then yesterday, right before I took the pictures I noticed three tiny whitish bulbs. Do these growths sound/look correct? Are those bulbs new lemons or flowers? Will the full sized ones make it to fully good yellow lemons?

Most of the leaves look pretty great, but I noticed over the past few days they seem a little more wilted. Also about a dozen have fallen off, with one yellow guy still holding onto his branch. There are some leaves with wrinkles/holes that I have pictured also.

About 3 weeks ago I was looking with a flashlight at night and found a bunch of snails on it. There were also two-three larger leaves with bug clusters. We immediately picked off all snails and wiped down all the leaves and have been misting if it seems wilted. We have checked every day/night since and haven't seen anymore bugs of any kind, so I hope they were just from the garden center. Could that be why some of my leaves look like they do?

As far as drainage goes, what's the best? We don't keep the drainage dish completely flooded, but I read if it's indoors that a little bit of water helps regulate humidity, is this correct? Where we are is fairly humid already.

Any guidance is highly appreciated & if you have more questions or want to see more pics I'm happy to oblige. I just want the best lemon tree I could hope for

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