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Help planning a garden (blank slate)

I was hoping you all could direct me towards resources or give advice for the garden at my new house. I would say I'm probably an intermediate-level gardener, but I've never had the opportunity to start from scratch, and I've never had raised beds or fruit trees.

My zone is 6b, and the yard is 46' x 55' surrounded by a 6' privacy fence. There are some massive sycamore trees east of the yard which block out a lot of early morning sun except on the far west side, but by 10am-ish, the yard has full sun until the end of the day. I don't have the greatest soil, but it's not the worst either.

My original plan (the top is south) was to create long 4' wide, 24" tall raised beds in a U shape along the east, south, and west borders with a sitting area/fire pit in the middle.

  • Will this be deep enough to grow onions/garlic?
  • Should I break up the raised beds into sections as opposed to one continuous length? They will be concrete with brick veneer to match the house, so once they go in, it's pretty much a done-deal.
  • Do you have any recommendations as to locating certain veggies in specific areas? I had areas marked out for trellised beans and herbs/flowers, is there a better spot for these?
  • Any other recommendations?

I've also been considered dwarf fruit trees on the western side, considering espalier against the fence.

  • How crucial is it for fruit trees to get very early morning sun?
  • Should I wait to plant the trees until after I replace the fence (it's a mediocre at best fence, I'd like to replace it with another sturdier fence in the coming years)?
  • Have I allotted for enough room for the trees? Should they be closer/further away?

Thank you all in advance!

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