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[HELP] Double Pendulum Control System – Plastic Material & Bearings

Hi /r/diy

I'm currently working on a double pendulum system which is controlled by a motor in the center. My background is EE and control theory, with minimal mechanical design experience. I have a couple questions regarding the some of the mechanical components:

Regarding the actual pendulums, I was thinking of going with a sturdy and light weight plastic that I could buy a square sheet of and cut as desired. However, there are a lot of plastics out there, does anyone have any recommendations for type of plastic?

I am also in need of a way to allow free motion between the pendulums. I assume I am in need of bearings, but I'm struggling to comprehend all of the components required. I would need 2 bearings, but I would also need an axle piece to fit perfectly within, and then I would need a way to make sure that the axle piece doesn't fall out. To add further to this, I have an encoder (http://ift.tt/1FVg66o) that needs to fitted such that it will move with the bearings….

I'm curious if there exist complete kits that constitute what I'm looking for. Can you buy axles (please excuse me if I'm using incorrect terminology) that are hollowed such that I can place an encoder within?

I appreciate any help I can get!

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