Guidance for a Pergola build in row home back yard via /r/DIY

Guidance for a Pergola build in row home back yard

Hello everyone! I'm attempting to build a pergola in my back yard and the final phase of my back yard renovation and I had a few questions etc. I live in a Row home in Philadelphia PA and i'm looking to build a 15' by 13' foot perogla to frame out a mural I had painted in my 25'-10" by 15'-8" yard I've searched here and some various places online looking for a good set of blueprints to follow and so far i've only come up with the following

I was leaning towards popular mechanic plans, since they include a 3d model, but I wanted to see if anyone else had a better suggestions.

Also I had a few questions in regards to my location

  • Considering my area experiences all 4 seasons what type of wood should I use? Are there certain types of Nails or Bolts I should avoid?

  • Since the area won't get alot of wind and the Pergola won't have much space to move around even if a Nor'easter comes through, i wasn't planning on trying to bolt metal holders to the concrete for the post. Is that a bad idea?

  • Anything else i might be overlooking? Thanks in advanced!

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