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Under-performing Vegetable Garden; What can I do better?

First time post for me after lurking for years. Last year, my wife and I elected to build a garden in our backyard. I pulled up all the grass and tilled the area with fertilizer, then created a boundary with railroad ties. We started the plants from seeds inside and planted them once the weather was right based on the zoning chart. Once they were in the ground, they just never really took off like you would expect.

Our tomato plants are about five feet tall now but have produced almost nothing, apart from a couple cracked tomatoes. Our Jalapenos produces about a dozen peppers among four plants. Squash did nothing (unheard of in Utah, you normally can't give it away). Pumpkins nothing. The plants are all still alive and don't appear to have been victims of parasites at all.

I'm rather stumped to be honest. The plants all get about eight hours of direct summer sun a day and plenty of water I'm sure between our manual watering and sprinklers for the lawn. One suggestion was that our fence was reflecting the sun and giving them too much light. I am at a loss here. Any constructive tips would be great. Thank you all for the help.

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