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Retractable fence/gate

Here is a curde screenshot and sketch of my issue.

Basically I currently have a fenced in backyard except for across my driveway. My parking spot is past the garage. We have a puppy and take him out back for the bathroom, but don't let him off the leash since we don't have it completely fenced off.

What I am looking for help on is what to do. In the sketch, the blue line is a potential fence that I am thinking about putting up to completely close in the backyard. That would cut me off from my parking spot though, so I was thinking about a sort of retractable fence/gate. The total length I would need is 30 ft. I don't mind having to put it up when we take the puppy outside, but would prefer it not be up all the time as I drive in and out more than the dog is outside.

Any suggestions of what I could put up there?

Submitted October 07, 2015 at 10:35PM by Colts56
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