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Bed Raiser v2.0

After feedback from you guys I created a new design. But I'm not sure which to build:





Same as before, I also plan to use actuators, I just didn't have time to put them in.

I have a king size mattress however the box spring happens to be two separate pieces.

The advantage of this design is that the mattress is completely breathable and there is nothing blocking the box spring.


-Wood 2×4 (the dark wood)

-Wood 2×6 (the light wood)

-aircraft cable (maybe 1/16" or thicker)



Though the new design addresses the breathability issue, the structural integrity is definitely sacrificed. There will be a lot of tension near the hinges.

My previous design might also be sufficient if I just drill big holes into the plywood allowing the mattress to breath.

One aesthetic disadvantage to the new design is that the box spring will stick out past the mattress due to the middle support beam separating the box spring.

So based on the pros and cons, which one design do you guys think is better?

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