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Was in the process of doing some renovations and upon breaking some ceiling panels, some blue fibrous substance fell right in front of me. Not alot, only about a handful. I was wearing an anti-asbestos respirator just to be safe (I am hypo, as this post demonstrates). Today I decided to get the substance tested. Very shortly after I got a call from the lab and they confirmed that it is indeed asbestos. Crocidolite blue asbestos. The most harmful kind, according to the medical research literature available.

I stayed a few feet away from it at all time. I only picked up a bit to have a look at it and to place it in a bag. I had my respirator on at all times and I washed my hands after handling it.

Still, my worry is that it may have gotten in my hair and clothes. I didnt discard the clothes, I washed them in my machine and put them back in my wardrobe. I fear that my appartment is now contaminated.

Am I a dead man?

Anybody got any interesting stories about asbestos? Calming words?

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