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Post-insulating window panels that are leaking heat

Hi folks!


In my rent apartment, the windows are really old and shit. The argon gas, or whatever was between the double-glass sheets, has escaped long ago and they are barely holding in or out any heat. This is not an issue in summer time, however, does get critical in winter, where heating bills can get rather high.

What I seek help with:

I am looking for ways to heat-shield the windows. Unfortunately, the owner is not willing to spend money on them, and we are set up too comfortably (2 years here already) to move. Also, as we are looking to move countries in the next 2 years, and we wouldn't want the stress and work that comes with getting used to new surroundings – just to move again by the time we settled in.

I had in mind some kind of roll-down heat shield, that I can fabricate myself, and which could be used during the nights when temperatures are at the lowest.

Window sizes are as follow, in metric centrimetres:

94w 120h x2 windows, in living room and bedroom 64w 210h (this is the balcony door)

I would prefer something that would let in sunlight, as I am studying/working from home these months. Also, I am not including data for the kitchen windows, as they are in slightly better shape, and we do not spend as much time in there anyway. When we do, we cook, so it's warm.

I was thinking of creating a pull-down/roll-up style something with heatshields that are used for radiators (like this one: ) however, I am open to suggestions.

Price needs to be conservative. Thank you for your input in advance.

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