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Help with guitar wiring.

Hello Reddit, I'm hauling my ass off in my first 3 stringed cbg build. I'm having some trouble with the wiring though. I'm going for: A jack connected to my piezo pickup with both tone control and volume control.

Ive got 2 potentiometers, 250k and 10k ohm. I have my jack output, my 0.022 uf capacitor, and my piezo ready with both lead and ground.

I have made a ground circuit from my jack to the volume pot to the tone pot. I have connected my jack lead to the volume pot, i have grounded 1 leg from the volume pot to itself, and i have connected my capacitor to the tone pot, from the third leg. This leaves me with an unconnected piezo, and 3 free legs.

How do i proceed?

My common sense says i also need to connect me tone pot to my volume pot with a lead? am i on track? I hope you can help.

I have some pictures here.

Submitted October 06, 2015 at 09:37PM by alexeche
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