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Can I ask about tomatoes?

Hi guys! Long story short, I tried my hand at tomatoes this year, having been extemely successful with strawberries last. I managed to germinate over 100 plants (not bad from a £1 purchase!) and proceeded to plant them all. All took and grew rather well, despite the lack of space (I did not expect over 100).

The issue comes about this summer as I set off on holiday and asked someone to water them all for me. Now as we know, it's not about the amount but about the consistency of which they are watered. Sadly, said person only watered once every 3 days, which caused every single tomato to split, fungus to set in and I lost the entire crop.

My questions for you lovely people are these:

1) Is there a species of tomato I can grow that gets massively tall? I'm going to grow them in a different part of the garden next year, previously where raspberries where, so there's a massive amount of trellis for support. I'd rather they go upwards than outwards.

2) Are there any doodads out there that can help with my watering issue for when I go on holiday? I'd prefer not to lose another 7 months of work.


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