Whirlpool thin twin washer/dryer combo repair via /r/DIY

Whirlpool thin twin washer/dryer combo repair

Hi guys, like the tittle says, I have this machine, it agitates, drains and sometimes spin. So, after every cycle, I get wet clothes and sometimes I don't. It does this on all the modes, sometimes I have to do a rinse/spin cycle twice just to get the water out of the clothes. Also, when I have the lid open and having going through the cycle, once it's on spin, it just sits there and you can hear the motor rotating, but no spin, I have to give it a boost to get it to spin. It won't hit its final gear too, once it's on spin mode, like it's stuck one gear down from its final gear. I opened it up and took out the coupler and it looks fine, but I will be replacing it anyways. Any ideas what's causing this? I hope it's not the gear box, cause if it is, that's an expensive part :/ model number of the machine is LTG6234DQ2

Submitted October 05, 2015 at 10:40PM by goblin561
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