Someone, please teach me how to grow rosemary! via /r/gardening

Someone, please teach me how to grow rosemary!

Hi everyone! This may seem like a ridiculous question, but man have I been unlucky in the past trying to grow rosemary. Last winter we were given a rosemary christmas tree and I immediately transferred it into a larger pot and kept it indoors during the winter months. I was told not to water it very often, so I did about once per week. About 30 days after it's transplant, it slowly died. The second attempt was planting some which was grown at a local nursery. The plant seemed to be okay, but also slowly died. This one I kept outside and watered it about once per week. This one also slowly died.

As of last month, I snipped some rosemary from a large plant growing at a local marina. I put it into a glass of water in my windowsill and the roots grew to be enormous! I transplanted it last night into a pot of soil by itself and it's now outside along with my other herbs. Now I'd hate for this one to have the same fate… so if someone could reteach me the secret of caring and growing a fantastic rosemary plant, I'm all ears (err.. eyes)!

I live in St. Augustine, Florida if that matters. Thanks guys!

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