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Oak & Android handheld gaming system

I've got an urge to make my 3rd arcade "cabinet". This one here is made of oak, and an android device, with some buttons thrown together.


and a video of it in action:


It came together great. There were several challenges along the way, and it took 2 months overall to finish it up. In the end its quite enjoyable, and me and my son have been playing it quite a bit.

On a more technical side. This project is running LG VU2 (aka F200) Android phone with a 4:3 display. The buttons are connected through a stripped down bluetooth keyboard controller. The game launcher and UI overlay are coded from scratch and customized for a great consistent feel with lots of polish to hide fact that this is an Android phone underneath.

Submitted October 05, 2015 at 01:38AM by dafu
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