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Bed Raiser

The goal is to watch TV in bed at better viewing angle

So I'd like to share my plan:


Raise the upper portion of the bed to 45 degrees using actuators. Ideally the actuators should be able to raise me and my fiancee in the bed. My mattress will sit on top of the wooden structure. It is a spring mattress, but I noticed it will still conform to the shape so long as there is a person lying on it.

Here are my steps:

-buy 2 sheets of 4'x'8' plywood at 3/4" thick (~$34CAD per sheet)

-Cut them to the size of my box spring (79"x76")

-Cut 1.5" long strips to use as beams for support

-Buy 2 linear actuators ( Iā€™m thinking of this one )

-create some base/connectors for the actuator out of wood or metal (probably metal)

-the red line in the picture is where i was thinking to use 1/16" aircraft cable to keep the base of the actuator from moving

I was wondering if you guys see any significant design flaws. For instance:

1) A linear actuator manufacturer was a little weary of using two actuators in sync as they are not guaranteed to move exactly at the same speed

2) The plywood is not strong enough. I was thinking of using 1" thick plywood, but it's much more expensive. Also I have left over wood from the 4'x8' sheet so I thought the 3/4" with beams would be plenty strong.

I'll update when I complete the project šŸ™‚

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