How can I reduce the power on my hairdryer ? via /r/DIY

How can I reduce the power on my hairdryer ?

My hair dryer essentially operates in on/off. I would like to mod it so the on mode blows at around 30% of its current power.

I guess there are two things to consider.

  • 1. The heating element
  • 2. The fan speed

Reducing the fan speed wouldn't work as there would be too much excess heat, which would be dangerous.

Ideally i would like to reduce the fan speed and the power of the heating element although i would settle for just reduction in the the power of the heating element.

Is there a way to do this easily ?

I have a degree in physics but never been too keen on electronics. One way i thought would be to install a variable resistor on the main power to both the fan and heating element.

Can anyone think of an easier solution? Possibly one which require no extra parts.

EDIT: to those of you who have said 'just buy another hair dryer', you are a true inspiration to the DIY process…..thanks

Submitted October 04, 2015 at 04:15PM by loba333
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