Silly question – Are there any plants I can start now (October) in the Netherlands via /r/gardening

Silly question – Are there any plants I can start now (October) in the Netherlands

Background: I have relocated to Amsterdam Netherlands for work. I tend to be pretty active with hobbies, mostly wood working, and as part of the move I have had to give this up. (No space). I also enjoy gardening, and my apartment in Amsterdam will have accessible roof top terrace. So I figured I'd garden up there to fulfill my desire so some kind of hobby that made use of my hands. But since we are coming into winter, I'll have to wait several months till spring.

Then a colleague told me it might be possible to grow cold weather crops like beats or spinach through the winter. Google hasn't given me much insight and I expect most resources would be in Dutch anyway.

Averages lows in the Netherlands are never below freezing, but get pretty close. This means there will be many nights below freezing. Most every day will have a high above freezing. In the middle of winter we'll only get about 6 hours of sunlight. The ocean keeps the country warmer.

I'm not sure if the heat from the apartment will keep the roof top terrace warmer then average or if the potted plants will have a soil temperate lower than what you'd find a few inches down in the ground.

I suppose one thing I could do is find if there are any shops selling plants still. If there is a market to buy them, then surely they'd grow. Maybe indoors only though.

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